Kambo – Ancient Jungle Ally

Kambo has been gaining popularity the last few years and for right reason; it really works in helping human beings (and even animals!) reach proper balance and eliminate unhealthy patterns and blockages.

So, what is it?

Kambo is the name of both the actual amphibian (Phyllomedusa bicolor) a tree frog from South American jungles, as well as the secretion that comes from the frog itself. It is a substance that contains a massive amount of peptides – essentially very active chemicals that the body readily understands and integrates – that quite intelligently work with the person at hand in the way they need to be worked with. It has been highly revered for millennia by different tribes from Brazil to Peru, the latter of where I learned about its proper approach and use.

The experience of working with this medicine goes as such: First, several ‘points’ or ‘gates’ are made with a small stick that has one end burned and this is gently applied to the upper arm to remove the first superficial layer of skin. This opens up to the lymphatic system, so that the secretion can run its course through the body. Then the reconstituted secretion is gently applied onto the gate and within a minute or so, sensations began; rising heat, head throbbing, sweating, a pulse increase… When the secretion enters the body via the lymphatic, the body immediately begins the process of metabolizing and working with this intelligent substance. Some people get to a place of release, and the kambo brings to the surface anything that isn’t serving that persons’ highest health. Others do not purge, and that is of course okay, for as soon as the body receives the secretion, it begins to work profoundly with the body, scanning and searching out what needs to be worked on and potentially worked out.

Unlike many other medicines coming from the deep South, Kambo is non-psychoactive yet very visceral, and can elicit a deep cleanse of the mind and body while simultaneously strengthening the entire organism. When I say cleanse, I mean throwing up, or as some like to call it, ‘getting well’… It is an attitude brought to the session once one recognizes that the temporary uncomfortable feeling of nausea and purging is followed by a longer term sense of well being; quite a good trade in my opinion!

I have been working with this since 2017, when I was first introduced to it by my dear friend in the Amazon, Laszlo. Since then, I have practiced quite a bit with myself and loved ones, and eventually those nearest to me started to ask me for this, and so I slowly began to serve them.

With most people, I suggest 3 sessions within 28 days for a complete experience, as was taught to me and seems to be the standard. This is a great thing to do, but if one has further health complications or just wants to go deeper into their process, going the extra step of doing a full consultation with me will help illuminate exactly where I can guide and point the way to what things to first eliminate if any, and then new elements to incorporate in the realms of food, herbs, supplements, and/or lifestyle changes.

What does the Kambo do in conjunction with the health consultation? The Kambo acts as a catalyst for the entire process to take off, with the ability to show incredible changes rather promptly. Shifts such as increased sleep, less anxiety, better digestion, better bowel movements, improved mood and emotional stability, increased energy, reduced physical pain, and more. A lot of times I also witness that it can bring to the surface emotional components that we may not have been privy to, that are actually central to the healing process. One way I like to describe the importance of a health consult is that I can give someone the suggestion for a particular herb, the kambo, breathwork, you name it, but if that person is doing things every single day in direct opposition to the intended desire of the therapy… it is in a way canceling itself out, or at the least diminishing its potential in being able to help realign the human to their best nature.

Note: There is a lot more I can say about the ways this divine substance can work with people, but I will leave you to do a little research yourself to avoid triggering the medical mafia 🙂

If this is speaking to you, please reach out at RememberPlants @ gmail.com and send me a message for more info.

It’s important to state: I am not a medical doctor, so please do your due diligence in seeking the appropriate guidance from your health practitioners. None of this is medical advice.

(all photos are my own)

Kambo, Phyllomedusa bicolor, the Waxy Monkey Tree Frog

Harvesting the medicine from frogs after hearing them sound off, usually beginning around 10 pm and peaking before sunrise.


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