Rememberplants. What is this.

It comes down to a realization that came upon me a few weeks ago. If one were to recognize our inherent interdependence on all of Nature (not just the parts that we like to like), we would eventually come to see that it is absolutely essential that we all get our act together. How so? We can see at the smallest level (and of the utmost the largest step for it is the first one, practically speaking) that we do in our homes and around our homes matters very dearly. How we treat the Earth all around us, how we understand our relationship to this great blue and green sphere we just so happen to need so badly… this is the reason I chose this name a few years ago. It is at once a sad yet funny poke at a hopefully never to be seen future where one elder goes to another, “Remember plants?” and also a solid truth that we must re-member plants (including all relatives and associates) right n o w.

In this way of seeing, we can also come to the conclusion that we are ourselves are very much plant-like… We thrive in community, we apparently love water and air and sun and some of us still know our food comes from soil nearby. This is another aspect, where remembering plants is remembering ourselves and our place in the chain of absolute perfection that is the only dance there is. Get shaking.

“That’s great and all Ralphito, but I have a 9-5 and 4 kids and a mortgage and you are all good and privileged enough to have had the opportunity to travel to far off places and see the world…” This is true. I recognize my privilege and realize how it is my duty to share what I feel can benefit us as humans as opposed to hoarding my little seedling ideas on my itouch’s notes app and never looking at them until I’m in the bathroom ‘bored’ and scrolling…

So, we can start with curiosity! That is, what tickles you into wanting to know more? Are you satisfied with how you feel on a daily basis? What is it that you heard about your herbalist neighbor that you may want to explore for yourself? What things do you find yourself doing mindlessly in ‘free time’ that can be spent in researching ways you can become closer to the processes of the Earth?

I have spent countless hours being insanely hard on myself for not knowing yet enough to share about this or that, justifying the paralysis of not sharing anything at all about my experiences of the last few years traveling through the jungles and mountains of Peru, in search of that which heals us. I have in the last few months, however, received enough internal inspiration to know that this is where I need to start: with where I am.

I am at a restaurant with a friend of mine who is letting out so much to me on the ways of her being, things that she feels she can’t tell anyone else. She goes to the bathroom after an hour or so of straight and intense conversation revolving around the nature of her anxiety. I realize that this is the 6th person I’ve talked to this week about the same exact things. I realized at that moment that I need to write about what I have come to learn and share it, if I can feel that it might benefit others, without worrying about what others will think. In realizing this, I looked up and saw on the tv sub captions “it’s amazing how you let the ego to the side and allowed the spirit to come through.” I smile and know that it’s time to start sharing.

In infinite gratitude,

a winding road on the way to Hualla, Peru.

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